Accompanying Chefchaouen Urban Municipality in the integration of the new Public Lighting extensions
Public Lighting, Mapping, Field Data Collection, Training


In the silence of the night, streetlights talk each other by touching their lights! - Mehmet Murat ildan

As part of its partnership with Sige, Spatial Digitech provided support consisting of training in collecting field data, integrating them into the database of the Public Lighting Network’s Geographic Information System (PLNGIS), and its exploitation for the benefit of the Urban Municipality of Chefchaouen (UMCh).

The UMCh, known for its quality of service in public lighting, had carried out numerous network expansion operations, which have accumulated over time. These technical assets changes have resulted in the need to update the existing PLNGIS database.

In a progressive and sustainable approach, field agents have been provided close support during their daily missions in order to involve them by setting up a suitable feedback procedure of the collected data on the new extensions.