Development of a field data collection application for the Chefchaouen Urban Municipality
Public Lighting, Mapping, Field Data Collection, Training


In the silence of the night, streetlights talk each other by touching their lights! - Mehmet Murat ildan

As part of its partnership with Sige, Spatial Digitech provided support with developing a new field data collection application for the benefit of the Urban Municipality of Chefchaouen (UMCh) field operators responsible of the Public Lighting network maintenance.

The developed application offers the capability to consult directly on the field the heritage of data of the municipality public lighting in the form of a GIS map.

The application also makes it easier to fill in network data by offering drawing tools for points and lines as well as simple and ergonomic forms for attribute data.

The field operators also received close training to strengthen their ability to handle the developed tool and their involvement in the modernization of the update approach of the public lighting network.